Oral Histories, Biographies and Inventories

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Complete and unabridged oral history interview available on digital CD and DVD formats. Each oral history session lasts up to two hours and is recorded in the client's home or office. Advance preparation includes a specially designed Life Review Guide completed by the client, or interviewee, containing basic information that provides us with a general framework for the oral history interview. When the project is finished, the Life Review Guide is returned to the client to keep as a primary historical document. Many clients have given copies of their Guide to relatives and close friends. The specially designed booklet is available only to clients and is not sold separately.

Fee options: recorded on digital video (DVD) $975 - $1795 or recorded on digital audio (CD) $880 - $1250



Selections from the Archival Oral History, plus music, titles and 75 to 100 visuals (photographs, slides, news clippings, certificates) that create a lively 20 minute documentary on DVD.

Fee options: $975-$2750

Click on the sample here from the oral history of Dr. Harvey King McArthur
Click on the sample here from the oral history of U. S. Army veteran Seymour Berkman

"We're simply delighted, ecstatic, overjoyed and thrilled - I'm running out of adjectives - with the videotapes you did for us. And the fact they were done in time for our 52nd anniversary was really the icing on the cake! Our children have viewed the tapes and are as thrilled as Jim and I - at times laughing aloud at the memories they can share, and at other places shedding a tear...It's been a fabulous experience...Again, our sincere thanks."
Kay Higgins
Southampton, MA



You may own objects you’ve collected over the years or items you’ve inherited.¬† Very often material possessions have stories, too, that you want to preserve and pass along to others. We offer a¬†collection of unique services that include house histories and videotaped inventories of art, antiques and treasured collections, with or without narration; plus video documentation of house restorations and architectural histories.

Fees start at $540. Please contact us for further information.

"Thank you for the wonderful job you did on my husband's video. Absolutely everyone loved it and was riveted by it...My husband was so moved...Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Caron Hobin
Longmeadow, MA

"It was delightful to learn of your operation in Northampton. Although Silicon Valley may have the technology to do, well, almost everything, I've never found such a creative and eminently sensible service as the one you offer... Thank you so much!"

Dr.Thomas Nagy
Palo Alto, CA
Please contact us with your questions and ideas for projects. We're happy to offer suggestions and advice. Good oral historians make great listeners!